With a team of widely experienced and respected senior leaders who reached the top of their professions, including three former Members of Congress, Federal Agency Heads and nearly a dozen former military Flag Officers, Dawson & Associates offers unmatched experience in water resource policy, environmental permitting, regulatory compliance, economic development, energy, defense, infrastructure, and government contracting.


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In Memoriam

Sadly, some of the wonderful members of the Dawson & Associates team are no longer with us. Yet we remember them fondly in our hearts.

Robert K. Dawson,  Founder

  • "No other firm matches our breadth of experience, knowledge, and relationships. That's why Dawson & Associates has become a leader in so many areas of Federal consulting."

      Hon. Robert K. Dawson
      President & Founder
  • "I joined Dawson & Associates for its unyielding commitment to high ethical standards. This integrity and our unparalleled team of experts are the qualities that define us and our work."

      Brig. Gen. (Ret.)
      Richard Capka
      Chief Operating Officer
  • "There's more than just a depth of knowledge and experience here at Dawson & Associates. There's a real teamwork philosophy that produces a singleminded focus on helping our clients."

      Elizabeth Fagot
      Senior Advisor
  • "The experts at Dawson & Associates are known for solving complex problems with unequalled expertise. Our people are wonderful to work with because they're so good at what they do."

      Maj. Gen. (Ret.)
      Don Riley
      Sr. Vice President
  • "We bring a unique value to our clients. We take a cooperative approach with federal agencies because the interests we advocate are rooted in a strong public interest."

      Stephen Dawson
      Chief Counsel &
      Chief Financial Officer