Successful federal outreach requires effective, forward-looking program and project management. But some private firms are unable to develop or manage a strategic project success plan. It may be that they do not have a thorough understanding of federal law, regulations or processes. Or they may be unable to develop and sustain meaningful communication with federal agencies.

Dawson & Associates has sophisticated, in-depth knowledge of federal project development and regulatory processes and personnel. We have experts in federal law, real estate, program and project management, regulatory processes and other areas essential to project success.

Using our unmatched experience, Dawson will create a project support team specific to your needs. We will take the time to understand your definition of success, research project issues, aid in developing a project success strategy and then work with you to facilitate project success.

jamesweakley“The regular and meaningful communication links that you established for us with all levels of the Corps of Engineers and the major players in the Corps of Engineers budgetary process will continue to benefit us for years to come. The monthly calls with the Lakes and Rivers Division are particularly beneficial….”

James Weakley
President, Lake Carriers’ Association

Dawson will help create and maintain a realistic project success strategy. This strategy will include not only time and implementation cost considerations but also how best to position the project for success. This positioning often includes understanding how best to work with agency personnel to obtain success, being responsive to agency requests for additional information, and building a trusting relationship with agencies that have approval authority. The Dawson team will analyze federal processes and help develop and manage a strategic plan to navigate complicated federal processes. We will partner with our client throughout the project development and approval process.


“Comprehensive project management strategy is crucial for working with the US Army Corps of Engineers. I saw firsthand how the Dawson professionals put their experience to work augmenting a local sponsor’s Project Management efforts by designing and implementing management efforts that were crucial to resolving Corps concerns.

The Dawson team successfully used project management principles and practices to secure Corps approval to restart a project that had been shut down for more than 3 years. Their research, communications and documentation in support of their Dawson client resulted in a determination by the Corps of Engineers that the project had a positive cost-share credit balance. The Dawson efforts were instrumental in putting the project back on track and moving to project completion.”

Roy J. Deda
Deputy District Engineer for Planning, Programs & Project Management (Ret)
Chicago District, US Army Corps of Engineers

  • Partnering and technical services
  • Program and project management augmentation
  • Program and project management system review
  • Strategic evaluation and advice

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