• BS in civil engineering, University of Maryland


  • o: (202) 289-2060
  • f: (202) 289-8683
Sam Collinson has more than 30 years experience with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, including 26 years of national water resources regulatory experience.

As Chief, Policy Development Section, Sam had primary responsibility for development of Corps Regulatory Program regulations and policy guidance.  He oversaw and was deeply involved in preparing regulations covering:

  • Current Corps regulations at 33 CFR 320-331,
  • Corps Administrative Appeal Program and regulations,
  • Nationwide permit (NWP) program,
  • Corps historic properties regulations,
  • Regulatory Guidance Letters,
  • The Tulloch Rule,
  • US Coast Guard and Federal Highway Administration categorical exclusions for NWP 23,
  • (With USCG) Regulating causeways on the North Slope of Alaska,
  • Regulation for the definition of fill material,
  • Regulation for the definition of dredged material, and
  • Initiation of the Corps response to the SWANCC decision.

Sam also managed the Corps of Engineers’ regulatory training program, serving as an instructor.  He was also the Corps Federal Register Liaison Officer.

Since retiring from federal service 10 years ago, Sam has been assisting clients involved with mining, transportation, housing & community development, airports, and energy.

Prior to his Headquarters position he held positions in the Corps’ Philadelphia and Baltimore Districts.

Other experience

  • Instructor for nationwide permits and for Corps regulatory policy classes,, Wetland Training Institute (2002-present)
  • Co-editor, Nationwide Permit Complete (2002, 2007 and 2012 Editions)