Dawson welcomes Scott Cameron, former Deputy Asst. Secretary at Interior

Scott Cameron, the newest Senior Advisor on the Dawson’s team

With personnel budgets tightening, the private and public sectors are both increasingly looking to human capital strategies to improve efficiencies.  These efforts include developing new workforce management structures and applying analytics, metrics and audits to understand the human capital needs of our clients.

To provide effective counseling in this effort, Dawson & Associates is delighted to announce that Scott Cameron has joined our firm as a Senior Advisor.  A former Deputy Assistant Secretary at the Interior Department, Scott has spent more than 34 years focusing on natural resource, energy, and environmental policy.

During six years as an Interior Deputy Assistant Secretary  (2001-2006), Scott also led the department’s first integrated strategic plan in its 156-year history. He was particularly involved in interagency coastal management and invasive species issues.

Since then, Scott has served as a management consultant for multiple federal agencies, including the Departments of Energy, Commerce, the Interior and EPA.

He’s a graduate of Dartmouth College and has an MBA from Cornell University.

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Maj. Gen. (Ret) Don Riley, Senior Vice President

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