Environmental permitting: Will recent Federal actions speed up infrastructure permitting?

The recent unprecedented storm season has focused attention on infrastructure permitting, particularly in hardest hit areas. It has also led to two important Federal actions designed to accelerate the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process that is often seen as the major cause for permitting delay...

Understanding the value of public-private partnerships

As the Trump Administration ramps up its efforts on infrastructure rebuilding, more focus is being put on the benefits of public-private partnerships.  Two of our colleagues are intimately familiar with successful public-private partnerships: Maj. Gen. (ret) Chuck Williams and Gary Loew. ..

Breaking the impasse on infrastructure funding

Recently, The American Council of Engineering Companies asked me to moderate a discussion at its annual convention entitled “Federal Markets Session: USACE (Civilian) and Others – Priorities and Funding.” Our two panelists were Eric Halpin, Special Assistant for Dam and Levee Safety at the Army Corps of Engineers and David Palumbo, Deputy Commissioner for Operations at the U.S...

Life is a highway

Earlier today, The New York Times began its article on the 2013 American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) infrastructure report with this less-than-cheery thought: “The nation’s infrastructure is crumbling a little bit less.” That’s the summary of ASCE’s Report Card for America’s Infrastructure, its first since 2009. ..