Understanding sustainable engineering

Lt. Gen. (Ret) Hank Hatch, P.E.

A tip of the hat goes to Lt. Gen. (Ret) Hank Hatch, P.E., who joined our firm in 2012, for an excellent article in the current issue of Engineering News-Record. Titled “Notions of Sustainability Should Include the Word’s Full Meaning,” the article explains Hank’s 20-year devotion to the importance of incorporating a perspective on sustainability in engineering projects.

An excerpt:

“For those of us in the Corps, sustainable engineering encompasses more than just wartime actions. It also involves bolstering an enduring peace through sustainable contributions. Thus, any proper definition must involve far more than environmental considerations and should include economic, political and social sustainability. Projects must engage ethical and cultural aspects that reflect the community involved. A balanced approach reflecting all these elements is needed.”

To read the full article, click here.

It’s appropriate that Hank, who has run more than 50 marathons, has become one of the nation’s foremost promoters of sustainable engineering. Twenty years ago, when sustainable engineering was a relatively new concept, Hank, as Chief Engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers, spoke publicly and with great insight about its value. Events during the past two decades have shown the merits of Hank’s view.

Congratulations to you, Hank. It is an honor to have you on the team.

Maj. Gen. (Ret) Don Riley
Senior Vice President

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