• BA, Colorado Mesa University


  • o: (202) 289-2060
  • f: (202) 289-8683
Greg’s knowledge of environmental policy and regulation stems from 30 years experience on Capitol Hill and with state agencies, nonprofits and his own agriculture business.

When it comes to resolving difficult federal and state regulatory issues involving environmental policies, including water rights, Greg has a remarkable record of success.  During his service in the Colorado Governor’s Cabinet, he helped negotiate settlement of the largest Western water case in U.S. history, a case that involved more than 380 parties.

Greg also served as Colorado’s lead negotiator with 7 Basin States in negotiating a historic agreement on California’s use of Colorado River water.  His team’s success ended 75 years of legal disputes across the seven states.

Greg’s unique experience combines extensive federal and state public service.  For five years, he was executive director of the Colorado Department of Natural Resources, overseeing a budget of $180 million and state policies on forestry, mining, water and wildlife.  He subsequently became president of the Natural Resources Leadership Council of the States, an organization of state environmental cabinet secretaries.

Greg also spent 10 years on Capitol Hill, where he was involved with Congressional policies on natural resources, agriculture, environmental and transportation.

Other experience

  • Negotiated a compromise between wildlife and energy interests which led to Bureau of Land Management leases on the Roan Plateau
  • Board member of the Colorado Wildlife Commission, Water Conservation Board, Mined Land Reclamation Board, and Groundwater Commission
  • Board member, The Pinchot Institute for Conservation,
  • Former head of the Colorado State Society
  • Helped forge a compromise and approval that allowed new technology to access oil shale in the Piceance Basin, leading to the first practical oil shale production in 30 years